Face-IT Is Designed To Group Servers

Face-IT allows distribution of cluster servers across cloud provider failure zones. Face-IT rack concept is designed to group servers within a cluster where the likelihood of a failure is correlated and to provide ongoing availability despite the failure of a group of servers.

We provide Face-IT implementation services in private cloud as well as public cloud systems. Our team has build gateway systems for Face-IT to traditional structured storage systems like Oracle and MSSQL.

Todays data-dependent enterprises rely on creating and managing powerful insights in order to produce the business outcomes that they need. Our big data and analytics services provide everything from strategy to execution, management and hosting to visualization and reporting, allowing for you to:

  • Make accurate, data-driven decisions
  • Discover trends and patterns
  • Optimize business results
  • Leverage predictive information for greater responsiveness.

Hadoop Development Services

We provide Hadoop integration services including configuration and customization of Hadoop platform, integrate of Hadoop with existing structured database infrastructure. We also provide volume testing and integrity testing services for Hadoop frameworks.

Big Data Analytics

Face-IT Big data team implements solutions that help clients derive value and gain actionable insights from large data volumes stored in their Hadoop cluster. Achieve competitive advantage and gain insight with the right data at the right time.