Face-IT Software Development

We offer Web Development services for ERP, eCommerce, HealthCare and Financial services. Our Web Developers effectively use software development technologies like Microsoft .Net, Wordpress, Angular, Vue, React and other Javascript / jquery libraries to develop web applications keeping user experience in mind.

We get involved in the entire project lifecycle including project management, systems analysis and design, development, deployment, implementation, hosting, training, and maintenance.

These CRM and ERP software are developed and designed to provide a superior experience in making business plans and strategies. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions by Face-IT. allows both small and large business entities in:-

  • Making business plans and strategies
  • Decision Making
  • Bringing precision in activities
  • Maintaining Coordination among different departments
  • Cost saving solutions through organized business processes.

Offshore Outsourcing Services

Face-IT an Offshore Outsourcing Services specializes in producing best quality software technology products and solutions. Our dedicated Software Product Development team helps our customers by building a packaged software application which includes website development, web design, SEO services and internet marketing. We deliver the quality required through focus on product engineering, customer growth plans and objectives, constant innovation and strong technology knowledge, services to meet customers’ needs.