Customer-Satisfaction Management

A solution suite that transforms each customer facing officer (loan clerk etc) into a strategic sales person by presenting the right information at the right time in the right form about each customer to enable focused, upselling and cross selling of portfolio of products. A system that manages all customer facing processes (like request solicitation, complaints handling etc) with a primary objective of drastically improve customer satisfaction.

Total Collateral Management by valuing and periodic updations of different types of securities. Automatically link with external agencies as applicable.


Face-IT Banking Domain testing services with its deep domain knowledge, has been working across the length and breadth of the BFS sector, by successfully testing multiple customer segments including - core banking services, allied departments, financial agencies and independent software vendors (ISVs).

We help customers, validate the functionality and technicality of complex applications. Our banking application testing processes ensures highest test coverage, identification and effective removal of defects. Furthermore, we help BFS enterprises and software product vendors stay up-to-date with regard to regulatory challenges.


Face-IT has extensive experience in testing various Financial Services like asset based lending, broking, risk management, treasury management and we have tested implementations and projects for several financial institutions

  • Trade Order Management Systems (TOMS)
  • Securities Clearing & Settlement
  • Derivatives validation (ISDA Validations, OTC pricing verification)
  • Fixed Income Testing (Amortization, Yield Verification, MBS / ABS Life Cycle Testing)
  • Reference Data Management
  • Reconciliation Validation (Trade, Stock, Cash, Position Recon)
  • Fund Accounting (NAV calculations testing).

Custom Client Services/SLAs

The unique nature of client terms make it difficult for client services to find and track the right data when it comes time to operationalize. Face-IT puts everyone on the same page with one commercial relationship system of record, so you can meet all contracted client requirements and provide a high rate or accurate responses to client inquiries.