To Meet The Needs Of A Demanding Automotive

You struggle to meet the needs of a demanding automotive supplier market. Increasingly complex requirements from your customers make it difficult to concentrate on reducing inventory, eliminating scrap, and dealing with volatile commodity costs, all with a workforce thats dramatically smaller than it was just a few years ago. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, you leverage a built-in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for end-to-end visibility and closed-loop control so you can improve responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times, and reduce the risk of warranty issues or recalls.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Over years of experience in solving complex customer challenges with intelligent automotive electronics solutions
  • Unparalleled expertise in infotainment and safety subsystems as one of the earliest entrants in the arena
  • Long-term, reliable partnerships with many OEMs and suppliers worldwide
  • A wide array of reusable software components that can significantly reduce time-to-market of new models
  • Strong expertise in independent verification and validation.

Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio video experience, telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost effective package.

Face-IT Automotive IT Services and Solutions works with automotive manufacturers in leveraging SMAC++ technologies to reduce operational costs and time for launching new product, that could deliver a connected experience to customers and help engage through customer lifetime.

At Face-IT, we leverage our deep domain knowledge and unparalleled technical expertise to engineer intelligent solutions, technologies, and services that help our customers in the automotive industry become future-ready. Our end-to-end capabilities, vast experience, product development DNA, and proven innovation track record make us the right partner for growth.